Undergraduate Research


The mission of the FHSU Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) is to engage students with faculty and staff mentors in meaningful scholarly activities in alignment with the university’s definition of scholarship.

Undergraduate research takes many forms within departments at FHSU, but the unifying concept is collaborative faculty-student work on a scholarly project with the goal of developing generalizable peer-reviewed work as a final product. The FHSU Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) provides resources and assistance to faculty and students interested in undergraduate research and facilitates the collection and dissemination of undergraduate research for the university.

Benefits for Students

  • Enhance student learning – higher order thinking, integrative learning, and reflective learning.
  • Practical training in thinking and practice.
  • Enhanced understanding and application.
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Deeper understanding of discipline content and processes.
  • Appreciation for knowledge.
  • Establishes greater engagement with the university and the discipline.
  • Increased student retention of students at greater risk of attrition.
  • Enhanced learning in the discipline.
  • Increased motivation to learn.
  • Provides a head start for graduate school; motivates students to pursue graduate school.
  • Enhanced marketability for graduate school or employment.

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

  • Promotes engaged learning.
  • Important for recruiting high quality, enthusiastic students.
  • Enhanced ability to recruit and retain faculty
  • Can energize, enrich and enlighten teaching.
  • Faculty active in research make better teachers.
  • Enhanced quality and quantity of student interaction.
  • Increasing resources (finance, time, equipment) and support (administrative and collegial).
  • Facilitates and stimulates professional development.
  • Professional development – helps keep faculty current.
  • Increased research productivity and assistance with faculty research agenda.
  • Serves as an incubator for other projects.
  • Involving motivated students can help to inspire other students and generate interest in the topic/ discipline.
  • Personal satisfaction – training the next generation, watching students mature intellectually.
  • Students can bring a fresh perspective to the research.
  • Helps to identify good students that are interested in independent research projects.
  • Increase in faculty morale, self-esteem and satisfaction.
  • Research collaborations strengthen the faculty involved.
  • Experience in the administrative aspects of running a research program helps prepare faculty for administrative positions.

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