New Models for Instructional Design

Instructional Resource Center (IRC) Redesign                        Stramel                        RB-11-003

As a result of a $78,500 action plan, a faculty led committee led the redesign of the old IRC into a functional series of meeting, working and teleconferencing spaces.  Social meeting places and 10 computer spaces are also included.  Student use has been nothing short of tremendous.


15K Innovation Fund                                                                            Scott                             RB-12-002

The Dean’s Office cobbled together an initial $15,000 Innovation Fund in 2012 to be drawn on for use of carrying out faculty driven Red Balloon initiatives.  The Fund is ongoing and replenished as resources permit.


Review of Use of High Impact Educational Practices            ITF-SC                             RB-13-002

A sub-committee of the Innovation Task Force will examine each department’s use of high impact educational practices and seek to make recommendations on potential integration of these practices into the current curricula.


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