The Red Balloon Project has three main goals:

1. Lower costs

  • Maximize cost-effectiveness (either hold costs constant while increasing the number of students involved, or reduce costs)
  • Make programs scalable (increase the number of students served while reducing per-student costs)

2.  Increase Participation

  •  Create more effective student engagement. Engagement is the key to greater learning outcomes.
  • Produce greater learning outcomes documented by a rich array of instruments and assessment strategies.

3.  Respond to the Challenge of Technology

  • Focus on the development of 21st century skills to create 21st century learning and leadership outcomes.
  • Rethink teaching, learning, and faculty roles.

Work Cited: “About” (2010, September 29). AASCU’s Red Balloon Project Blog. Retrieved December 4, 2011, from http://www.aascuredballoonproject.wordpress.com/about.


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