Distance Learning Core Strategy

By leveraging distance learning as a theme within FHSU’s larger institutional strategic planning initiative, additional value is created by using this asset not just as a delivery tool for coursework and programs, but to help address other 21st century institutional/educational challenges including: retention, persistence, degree completion, internationalization, academic technology strategy, the evolution of collaborative learning, experimentation with open educational resources and the dissemination of other forms of intellectual capital (e.g. research findings) to a “glocal” audience.

FHSU’s “core strategy” is to use distance education as an “institutional asset” to attack a wide variety of problems and aspirations.  Simply put, distance education for FHSU has become a carefully orchestrated micro-strategy within the larger institutional strategic planning process.  The university remains traditional in many ways (primarily in the on-campus environment), but the micro-strategy drives innovation, disrupts competition, lowers costs, raises quality, helps serve more students and allows FHSU to genetically re-engineer its DNA to help meet the needs of the Regents’ System and beyond (e.g. degree completion for adult learners).

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