Charter – The Re-imagination of Learning


Learning is only one part of the “unwinding of higher education”, but its centrality makes it the core concern of Fort Hays State University faculty, staff and students. Most critically:

“Learning in the information age requires that we think differently about how we engage students in meaningful learning. Efforts to support transformative teaching, including experimentation with technologies and learning spaces, are most likely to be effective when driven by faculty and student needs and interests. This requires rethinking how courses are taught, how technology can enhance teaching and learning processes, how students learn to evaluate and use information, and how classroom and learning space designs can support these new teaching practices.”

Reference:  “Partnering for Transformative Teaching”,Educause Review Online, July 1, 2013,  Anastasia Morrone, Sonya Stephens, Carolyn Walters, Diane Dallis, and Sarah Engel.



The Fort Hays State University Red Balloon Project will become the primary catalyst and information resource point for bringing together people, resources, interests, needs and opportunities to continuously re-imagine learning  while managing all kinds of disruptive pressures on the university’s formal curriculum.



The Fort Hays State University Red Balloon Project and integrated support structure and services provides a network of resources for faculty, staff and students to collaborate on how the university’s academic technology strategy, strategic themes, organizational units, student engagement tools, course development processes and multiple learning spaces and delivery modes can reinforce each other in the speed, delivery and quality of forward thinking, world ready 21st century continuously improving learning experiences.


Values of the Red Balloon Project 

Collaborate, communicate, facilitate, support, educate, experiment, lead, create, promote, initiate, nurture, disrupt and innovate.


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