Google Apps for Education: FHSU/COET Support Group 4 Kansas Educators

Marketing-Best-Practice-with-Google-Plus-Business-pagesDr. Robert Moody, Associate Professor of Advanced Education Programs, has created a Google Plus Community for Kansas educators who utilize Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  This Community, called FHSU/COET Support Group 4 Kansas Educators, is headed by Moody and a group of colleagues including Dr. Suzie Becking, Kevin Splichal, Amie Wright, and Erica Fisher, who have worked diligently this past year to help schools integrate GAFE and other OERs into their instruction.

This team has also helped facilitate this shift in thinking, teaching, and learning towards Google in at least 15 different school districts across the state of Kansas. Moody says he has several more visits scheduled in the weeks to come.

Moody’s community, which currently has 316 members, can be located at

In order to join, you must have a Google Plus account associated with your Gmail.

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