OER Course Redesign Application now available.

Oer-logo-300dpiThe Open Educational Resources Course Redesign Application for 2014 is now available! Inspired by Dr. Cable Green’s Red Balloon presentation on OERs given in April of 2013, many FHSU faculty are excited to start implementing this new innovation. Our vision is to explore, adopt, and adapt open online educational resources by:

  • Providing online course materials to all students on the first day of class
  • Provide course materials to all students.  Currently, 28% of students do not purchase books for a class(es) during their post-secondary education.
  • Allow faculty to begin teaching on day one of class.
  • Allow faculty to edit and update their open online textbooks to keep them accurate and timely.
  • Reduce or eliminate the textbook cost to the student.  National average cost of $175 per course.
  • Be able to market “Zero Textbook Cost Programs”.  This would stimulate university growth and diversity in on campus and Virtual classrooms.
  • Maintain FHSU’s image as an affordable cutting edge university.

Each year of the project, the Virtual College and CTELT will work with two departments to move a degree program’s core courses, or electives to OERs.  If more than two departments volunteer, Provost Council will make the final selection.  Assistance for each department will be provided by CTELT, including student labor to assist each department with the redesign and editing of the OERs.

Once the application is completed, it will be digitally submitted to the OER Red Balloon Steering Committee for review.

OER Course Redesign Application

OER Website List

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