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AcademicsUsing Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) to Internationalize the Curriculum

This project proposes to internationalize the curriculum within the context of existing general education and disciplinary courses.  Annual student internationalization survey data has demonstrated that for the majority of our students, (1) education abroad experiences will not occur unless a faculty member leads the student, (2) the cost of an education abroad experience is prohibitive, and (3) there is little capacity for elective course experiences given our current general education and major requirements  (FHSU Student Internationalization Surveys 2010-2013).  Annual faculty internationalization survey data indicates a plateau of faculty willing to design study abroad experiences and lead students for such experiences abroad has been reached (FHSU Faculty Internationalization Surveys 2010-2013).  A recent survey of FHSU department chairs indicates strong interest in using RLO methodology to enhance current courses.  As online learning spaces proliferate, RLOs appear to be a natural fit for content authored by the current FHSU faculty members leading experiences abroad to build a collection of knowledge for future generations of FHSU students in order to extend the life of the experience.  Thematic open source Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) can be accessed within Blackboard, MOOCs, etc. by professors in multiple disciplines to enhance existing courses offering on campus or through the Virtual College.  The new Center for Language, Literacy, Writing, and Culture in Forsyth Library will host this project in an open source digital collection.

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