New Models for Instructional Design

Using Mobile Devise Apps for Instruction

Three faculty from three FHSU Colleges are working collaboratively to develop mobile devise apps (applications) as teaching teach tools supplementing existing learning management tools.  Apps provide the digital native with access to information/learning anytime and anywhere. Apps provide faculty more control over content and organization while providing students enhanced access to learning materials on-demand regardless of location.  Apps, over tablets, offer more ability to consume course content on-the-go in keeping with current lifestyles.  Course programs and faculty include:  Dr. Skip Ward – Business Communication, Chapman Rackaway – Political Science, and Dr. Robert Moody – Advanced Educational Programs.

Tiger Media Network (TMN)

Fort Hays State University is launching a very unique learning for media which will also serve as an information source for the university and broader communities.  Tiger Media Network (TMN) is an organization producing varied and valuable content that will be distributed in a mixture of media.  Through cooperative action of students and faculty, Tiger Media Network combines print, broadcast and web journalism, and social media to produce the highest standards of accuracy, timeliness and interest so that it becomes the news source for its audience.  The Tiger Media Network will: (a) provide students majoring in media-related fields with career-oriented experience that ties together academic classes and professional internships; (b) be a creative outlet for students not majoring in media-related fields; and (c) communicate information, news, analysis, opinion, and entertainment of particular interest to members of the broader community in a format attractive to students, faculty, staff, and community members. Tiger Media Network will actively seek to make these co-curricular opportunities available to students on campus, Virtual College students, and students in cross-border partnerships.

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