IMG_8933FHSU strives to re-consider the “definition” of what constitutes a classroom, such as online and campus learning spaces with supportive and engaging opportunities and communities of interaction that are powered by appropriate technologies and social media. We facilitate the systematic consideration of existing and new pedagogical approaches that are research-based and powered by 21st century technologies like massive open online courses (MOOCS), problem-based learning, active learning, and constructivism. It is our goal to foster the critical thinkers of the future.

FHSU also focuses on collaborative learning, with the dominant pedagogy being socially constructed and discovery-driven with faculty as tech-savvy facilitators of an emergent learning process. In addition, a careful blending of online and face-to-face “communities of interaction” are facilitated by technology, cognitive approaches and intentional pedagogies to simultaneously enhance student engagement and content creation.


Desire2Learn Unveils Innovation Award Winners


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  1. This is the area which seems to be the most under-utilized and holds the most promise. As we move into a new RB focus I continue to be excited about the potential that the RB concept brings to the classroom. All the technology in the world will not transform a poor learning experience into something with WOW. Covey says, begin with the end in mind. The end is better learning experiences for our online and on-campus students. Work backwards from there…that’s what RB should be addressing.

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