New Models for Curriculum

Accelerated/Intersession Course Offerings                                Benjamin                    RB-12-003

Utilizing eight week accelerated courses in the academic semesters and intersession courses over the holiday break beginning in the 2012-13 academic year.


Development of New Certificates and Certifications              Splichal                        RB-12-006

Identification and implementation of a series of certificates and certifications that will increase credit hour production without greatly increasing resource requirements.  Autism and online learning are recent examples.


International Student Teaching Options                                      Moody                          RB-12-011

Options are under various stages of investigation and implementation towards the end of providing international opportunities for internships, practicums and student teaching  assignments.  Mexico is under way, while a Canadian partnership is under development.


Developing Professional Partnerships with K-12                      Johnson                        RB-13-001

Under development.

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